by Julie Williams

As I read in shopping for time(a great book), how helpful it is to plan your time as to make the most of it and not loose it or waste it.  I have found this true with my now four children under 6 and my desire to care for my husband.  If I don’t plan then I end up running around the house wandering what I should do next.  Because of course there is a mess in every corner, dirty toilets(with boys), dishes, the mound ole laundry and these are just a few of the household blessings not to mention the time my children need training and instruction and mommy time so planning is of the upmost importance. 

If I don’t plan this is what happens… I go upstairs to get a diaper for Anna while there I see her room messy so I stop to clean it up, then I go to throw something away in the bathroom and see the trash can overflowing so I run downstairs to get a plastic bag to empty it then proceed back upstairs to empty the garbage, so while I’m doing one I’ll do all three upstairs, then I throw them outside, then I see that the leaves need raking so I decide nows the time and go start raking leaves….all the time forgetting what I started out doing.  Hopefully this has never happened to you, but this is why I need to plan my time. 

So this planning for me includes meals for the week, laundry day(s), homeschool time, cleaning time, alone time…the list goes on.  So that way I know when I will clean the bathroom and when I will spend time reading with the kids.  And of most importance that I am using my time in a way that would glorify God.  So on those days when a friend calls and is really struggling with something during my bathroom cleaning time, I know that I need to make a decision and my bathroom can wait as being able to encourage a sister is of greater importance than whether my bathroom is clean at that moment. 

So there is also a balance, using wisdom at knowing when to say yes to things and when to say no.  There may be a time later that a sister calls again and my children are being unruly, her need is still of great importance to me but it would not be fruitful on either end to continue with the conversation right then, but hopefully to call back at a later time.  So while I’ve learned that planning is best for our family, I’ve also learned that sometimes plans are okay to be broken.  And I am still learning how to plan better so may we strive together to make the most of our time.  I was even reminded further of this need in sunday school in studying the coming of Christ, we are to be expectant and ready as we don’t know when he will return, so I think part of being expectant and ready for our Savior is to be using our time in such a way that if he did come tomorrow our hearts would be ready.  So lastly in most importantly our planning needs to have Christ as the backdrop for all we do, so plan to fill your heart up with the word so you can proceed with your day as planned or not.