Books! Books! Books!

 Many of you are book lovers, married to men who love books, need books for new chapters of your lives, have series of books you collect, or are always looking for new books or old books for your children.

If you’re like us, my husband, Dan and I, then books can eat at that family budget, and a book here and there ends up adding up and making it hard to figure out where those small amounts are coming from.

I love keeping a list of books that I want to order or read, and Dan does even more so.  It’s nice to have several places to go online to check prices and shipping to make sure you’re getting the best deal and not breaking the budget.  If you do like to add to your family’s library, then I would highly suggest that being a budget line item! It is an investment, and it’s worth it, if budgeted for.


Here are some places that we find are great for buying books for our home or for gifts.

Christian Bookstores:

Desiring God

Westminster Bookstore

Sovereign Grace



The Good Book


Discount Books:


Add All   (searches all used book stores for the book you’re looking for and compare prices with shipping)

Half Price Books

Book Closeouts


How to review a book:  I know my husband is very good at this, and I need to be better so that even in reading, I am protecting my weakness to become misled by clever writing or spend time reading books that are not well written.

How to Read a Book

rules for critical book reviewing



This site is great for exploring which books to order for a certain topic, and also gives great articles and sermons (so a book might not be needed for what you’re looking for).

DG Resource Library


The coming future of books and how we read them: it seems far out, but it’s becoming a huge reality and very popular!

The Kindle


Why you might consider having a well stocked children’s library of the classics and your personal favorites:

Article on lead in older books


Great Lists of Classic Childrens Books for developing your library or just for inspiration for what to read next with your kids

breaks up books by age groups   

oldies but goodies

By author 

The classics

A great classics forum 

This has some great reviews )

A great monthly resource for reviews each month 


** of course your local library is always a great way to read and save expenses!